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Sean Tenner

Sean Tenner has spent his career working for organizations and officials dedicated to social justice and public interest. Tenner served on President Obama’s campaign staff during both his U.S. Senate and Presidential campaigns...


Roger Iliff

Roger Iliff is a retired family medicine doctor. He received his MD from UC San Francisco and worked as an assistant teen sports physician at UC Berkeley for thirty-five years...


Sherman Neal

Sherman Neal is President and Owner of Hooks AV LLC, an Illinois commercial construction company specializing in concrete paving for commercial and government institutions. He participates in various philanthropic and volunteer activities including President of the College of DuPage Foundation...


Roger Chawla

Roger Chawla has been a certified public accountant, with his own practice for twenty-five years. He takes care of people’s finances, tax strategies and task planning. He has gotten to know the community through his business and experience serving as a trusted advisor...

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