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Deepa Deshmukh

Deepa Deshmukh

Deepa Deshmukh is a dietitian who has formed a private clinic but also is working in the public health sector. Her first experience with nutrition was when volunteering at Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston, where she taught nutrition to families living in shelters with chronic conditions. She found that the most vulnerable population had very little nutrition education and basic culinary skills and were unaware of the relationship between food and its profound impact on their bodies. With this problem in mind, she assisted in writing grants and eventually received funding to build a kitchen within a public  health clinic for undeserved and low income people of the community.

Sarah Hasler

Sarah Hasler, MS, RD is a licensed nutritionist dietitian with a Master's in Human Nutrition from Rush University. She currently works in a healthcare facility on Chicago's North Side and is involved in several projects that work to provide access to fresh produce, as well as the skills to prepare it in a healthy way, to all. She is most interested in how health equity, including access to good nutrition, affect long-term health outcomes.

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