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Roger Chawla


Roger Chawla

Executive Board Member

Roger Chawla has been a certified public accountant, with his own practice for twenty-five years. He takes care of people’s finances, tax strategies and task planning. He has gotten to know the community through his business and experience serving as a trusted advisor. He believes that gardening and eating healthily is an extension of the community. Chawla was introduced to OLI through Fred Greenwood, whom he met at Unity Partnership, an organization that works with police chiefs and the public to wage the communication gap, community work, involvement, and local activities He has been a lifelong gardener and has always enjoyed it. He has been a member of the West-street garden plant for 15 years. He would like for gardening to be more accepted as a community activity for younger generations so that they can understand more about how food grows. He wants younger people to learn the health benefits of growing foods, in the fast-food world of ours.

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