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"It's really sad that a country that can feed the world a couple of times over has families and children going to bed hungry. It's not something that anyone wants to see and we're really doing as much as we can." 

Fred Greenwood, President of OLI

Founded- 2015

The OLI Gardens is a Non-for-profit, that was inspired by its namesake to help provide healthy, nutritious food for struggling and impoverished Americans across the country. Using support from public officials, OLI traveled to places known as food deserts all around the local area, and through these experiences understood what we needed to do in order to supply healthier resources for the communities around us.  


With a board of directors composed of ten seasoned individuals, the OLI plans and creates events and donations to help low-income families and communities- such as food pantries, annual forums, new projects and auctions where proceeds go towards the less fortunate. We also extended our reach to intern applicants, and in 2020 welcomed seventeen youth to represent the Initiative alongside the dedicated team. 

Having volunteers spanning several fields of focus and passion, the OLI Gardens aims to eradicate food insecurity across America and nurture our country by providing means to healthy food.

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