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Detroit Grana, Cherokee Wax, Yellow Summer Gooseneck, Olympia Hybrid, Beefsteak, Black

Seeded Simpson, Buttercrunch and Ferry’s Best Nantes...all of them delicious! We’re talking beets, lettuce, tomatoes, squash, wax beans, spinach and more growing in the official Obama Legacy Initiative’s Naperville community garden plot!  All of this bountiful produce will be grown and harvested by leaders and volunteers associated with the OLI and donated to local food pantries.  Michelle Obama’s legacy--her emphasis on healthy eating and exercise, especially for America’s children—will be carried forth with this garden initiative.

To get an early start on growing, leaders of the OLI have planted their seeds in special growing medium and sprouts are now up and enjoying their sunlit windows. Soon they will be transplanted into the OLI garden.  This garden’s produce will supplement the fresh produce many local pantries make available to their clients and will, hopefully, provide even greater nutritional value to their diets. The Garden Initiative seeks to link local food pantries from across the nation to one another...where they can share best practices and learn from one another.  The many pantries who also host garden plots for their clients are of special interest to the OLI, inasmuch as they help to preserve this important legacy of our former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

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