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Thank You Home Depot!

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Here at the OLI Gardens we strive to create positive change by working to eradicate food insecurity, a mission which cannot be accomplished alone. Throughout the past year, our sponsor Home Depot has been instrumental in supporting us with our numerous initiatives and fundraisers.

We are grateful for the generous support we have received from Home Depot in a variety of ways. Our Gold Star event is the perfect example because with Home Depot’s help we had the unique opportunity to honor Gold Star families. Home Depot’s donations of wood and supplies allowed talented local artists to construct and decorate raised garden beds. Local Gold Star families, who have lost a loved one in combat, received these garden beds as a demonstration of our support for them. We are delighted with the outcome that our partnership with Home Depot was able to produce.

Home Depot has been a proud sponsor of the OLI Gardens since January 2021 when the Naperville store donated $500 in support of our mission to eradicate food insecurity. Yet that was just the beginning of a great partnership. Later that year, in June 2021 Home Depot graciously donated 200 plants to the OLI Gardens for our Plant Sale Fundraiser. Held at Naper Settlement, the fundraiser raised money for a local food bank and promoted healthy eating to community members who came and purchased organic vegetables and herbs.

Thank you Home Depot for supporting our mission of eradicating food insecurity and promoting sustainable food solutions. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Home Depot in the future as we continue to work towards this worthy goal.

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