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Fred Greenwood


Fred Greenwood


Frederick T. Greenwood Sr. was born in Springfield, Illinois. He has served as a proud Scout Master, Basketball, Baseball and Football Coach, and has brought the youth together within his community and taught them challenging personal achievements. Alongside his colleagues and neighbors, Greenwood founded Firefly Incorporated, a nonprofit organization that teaches rudiments of fire safety to preschool children. The Firefly organization was able to teach over a half million children how to stop drop and roll, crawl low in a smoke filled room, and to get out of a burning house safely. The organization was credited with saving the lives of two families. In addition to these two organizations, Fred also started his own catering business: Greenwood learned how to prepare many different types of foods. After a meeting with long time friend Sean Tenner, the two created the Obama Legacy Initiative. Michelle Obama was a great inspiration in her determination to eliminate food deserts! He believes that this is the beginning of a mission that creates sustainable solutions that eliminate food insecurity in the community.

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