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Sailesh Senthilkumar

Website Design Team Lead

Sailesh Senthilkumar is a senior at Metea Valley High School. He is pursuing to become a a computer science engineer. During the pandemic, Sailesh dedicated his time focusing on his music and distributing them to all platforms. He built up his brand name across all streaming platforms and have created a steady and passive income through his music. At Metea, he leads the Ted Ed Club that enables students to expand their knowledge and express themselves through the organization TED. Sailesh is also involved in the school’s varsity tennis team and partakes in many USTA tournaments that gave him a Universal Tennis Ranking (UTR) of 6.86. Outside of his school life, he is takes part in the Sri Lankan Tamil Student Association (STSA), where students make music and lead projects to spread and preserve the language Tamil across the country. Sailesh, along with STSA members, has led many projects that brought fundings over 5,000 dollars which went towards helping many Tamil schools in Sri Lanka. In his spare time, he watches Netflix Originals, practices guitar, or scroll through Tik Tok. Sailesh, just like everyone else, used to waste a lot of food and didn’t think it would have an effect, but the pandemic brought out many movements, especially the farming and food movements like the Punjab farming movement, which changed Sailesh’s perspective on food waste. That’s when he found OLI from his fellow STSA member and was thrilled to work with his fellow interns to eliminate food insecurities and spread the knowledge of the effects of food wastage.

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