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Ria Mishra

Project Team

Ria Mishra is currently a junior at Metea Valley High School. She is passionate about helping others and making a difference in the community. She serves as secretary of the Kids Matter Senior High Board, event planner for the Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Club, member of the Principal Advisory Board, member of Student Government, a member of the Metea Speech Team, and a member of the National French Honors Society. Outside of school, she enjoys playing the piano, painting, traveling, volunteering as a History Connecter at Naper Settlement, and tutoring kids for the Odisha Society of America. Having lived in India as a child, Ria has witnessed food insecurity, and thus, she aspires to help
bring about change in the world. Ria is looking forward to working with the Obama Legacy Initiative to truly make a positive impact in our society and strive towards a better and healthier future for everyone.

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