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Planting a Tree


What is OLI's volunteer program?

The Obama Legacy Initiative Volunteer Program is a program through which any individual wanting to help in furthering OLI’s mission of eradicating food insecurity can sign up for predetermined volunteer slots on our website. Volunteers will help by watering garden beds, participating in food drives, transporting garden beds, and planting in community gardens.

Who we are looking for?

OLI’s volunteer program is open to all individuals ages 11+. Please, however, take into account your personal physical ability as some of our volunteer opportunities are moderately strenuous. A description and skill level of each volunteer slot will be provided on the calendar below.

What you will gain from this program?

Aside from the satisfaction of knowing that you made a difference in your local community, volunteers can expect to learn gardening skills, interact with local community members, and receive insight from OLI’s dietitians. 

Are you interested?

Signing up is easy and can be accomplished in two simple steps: 

        1.    First, volunteers are required to fill out the “Volunteer Safety Waiver” which can be found on our                           website. 

        2.    Second, volunteers should select and register under their desired volunteer time on the calendar on                     our website in the “Volunteer” tab.

Any other questions

If you have any questions regarding your time slot, you can email us at!


Event Calendar:

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