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The Artists Behind Our New Logo

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

If there’s one thing that comes to mind when you think of a company, it’s their logo. Whether it’s Nike’s check mark or Amazon’s yellow arrow, logos are an integral part of highly successful organizations. Recently, two high school students, Emily Sun and Ashna Konjeti undertook the process of giving The Obama Legacy Initiative a newer look.

Pictured is Emily Sun (left) and Ashna Konjeti (right)

The logo was developed by creating various drafts and through continuous feedback from other interns. Konjeti states, “This is my first time working with a team and the concept of working with others to filter ideas and coming down to a final product is something I can use in the future.” Both Sun and Konjeti emphasized how collaborating and merging ideas with people with unique perspectives was the most beneficial part of this project. This process allowed Sun and Konjeti to create the thoughtful and timeless logo for OLI.

The modern logo differs from the previous logo in various ways. Sun explains that, “the logo shows that we are in touch with our community”. Through its simplicity and moderness, Konjeti states that in the, “the symbolism [of the new logo] is stronger and shows that OLI is more active in the community now.” The logo perfectly captures the essence of OLI while not limiting the organization to pursue service opportunities in a narrow scope. The new OLI emblem conveys ideologies of gardening, community service, and depicts a butterfly going through the “metamorphosis” that the organization will help the community undergo.

Both Sun and Konjeti have been able to cultivate their academic interests through the OLI intern program. Sun states, “Being in OLI has further developed my interests in advertising and it has given me an insight on how to be involved in nutrition and the community. It has shown me how I can use my own skills to benefit a community”. Throughout the experience of creating and developing the new logo, Konjeti has confirmed her desire to study graphic design in the future. Among other things, the process of creating a new logo for a grassroots organization like OLI has taught both Konjeti and Sun about the importance of teamwork and gave them a simulation of a real work environment.

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