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OLI Interns' Initiatives

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Recently, the Obama Legacy Initiative Intern Leaders have pursued an incredible undertaking by bringing in 17 new interns to contribute to the progress made by this organization. The new interns would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and say how excited we are for this opportunity.

Just a few months ago, the OLI Intern Leaders sent out applications and had a fantastic response to be a part of the program. After careful selection, interviews were conducted in order to determine who would be part of this phenomenal team. Each person’s strength governed which department they would contribute to including (Journalism, Marketing and Sales, Community Outreach, Graphic Design, Social Media, and Media). Since then, the interns have gotten right to work, and every intern is busy working on projects for the near future, including the Raised Beds initiative.

First, we would like to briefly introduce what our new interns are currently working on and more information about the interns themselves can be found below. The Journalism team is hard at work writing articles for local papers and the OLI website to inform the community of this effort as well as writing letters such as this one. The Marketing and Sales members are collaborating with the Graphic Design team to create T-shirts for the Victory over Hunger event. These teams are also contacting all board members and interns to update the website. The Community Outreach team is creating promotional flyers and gathering information on our talented artists at the Victory over Hunger event. The Graphic Design team is revamping our website with more information on the board, interns, and artists in a presentable and professional manner. Our new social media specialist, Emily Sun, is promoting OLI and spreading awareness through social media. Last but not least, our media specialist, Drushya Musham, is creating an infomercial about food insecurity in Naperville and is currently in the process of painting her own raised bed for the event. While we all have our separate departments, the work we are doing is deeply interrelated and connected. All the teams are regularly collaborating and communicating with each other. With that, we hope that you get the chance to meet and connect with all the interns and departments.

With the recent coronavirus pandemic, the intern leaders have established various methods of communication to ensure that we can meet and discuss without direct social interaction. We communicate through messaging on GroupMe with our specific departments as well as the large group of interns. Our Google Classroom page is continually being updated with detailed instructions about new assignments which are vital in order to keep the productivity of the intern program high. Moreover, phone call meetings are set up to ensure that we are all collaboratively working, and we all know the upcoming schedule. Everyone is well aware of their responsibilities through the weekly agendas and posts on Google Classroom.

Though the near future is uncertain, the interns will continue to spread the message the Obama Legacy Initiative stands for. We are working towards a successful Victory over Hunger event with all the promotion and organization that goes behind it. In the next few months, we hope to revamp our online presence through the website and social media, collaborate with local officials, fundraise through local events, and expand our communication with board members and interns.

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