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July OLI Intern of the Month: Shivam Kak

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

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This month the OLI Gardens would like to honor one of our most hardworking interns, Shivam Kak. Shivam is part of our web design team and has pioneered much of our new and improved website. We love his enthusiasm and his dedication to the team, as he’s always ready to share new ideas and give input on new ideas. Shivam believes that when it comes to a particularly demanding new piece of work or project, it’s important to complete it to the best of one’s abilities, and that learning happens over time. He emphasizes that nobody is a pro the first time around, and that he’s always eager to expand his skills and knowledge.

We asked Shivam what he’d like to see from OLI in the future, and if he’s had any more ideas for the website and its design. He shared that he would love to see a recipe section on the website, to integrate OLI’s food insecurity mission with helping to educate and feed communities around the United States, and someday possibly reach corners of the world, specifically saying that he would “want to see a database of ways that people can utilize fresh food”. Shivam stated that he’d especially hope for OLI to gain a larger following in Illinois, as the partnership between dedicated high schoolers and adults to eradicate food insecurity is something that should be recognized by more people- as it can benefit so many of us in our everyday lives.

Shivam said that he joined OLI originally planning to try out for community outreach, but ended up utilizing his skills with the web design group. He stated that he had wanted to le

arn about organizational skills as well as marketing the team out to communities in the area. He also mentioned that he believed in the idea of community effort benefiting the larger goal, as any group of dedicated individuals could make a change if they put all their effort into it.

We asked Shivam some questions about what he enjoyed outside of OLI as well! Shivam loves music and writing. He plays percussion in Metea Valley’s Wind Ensemble, as well as participating in music extracurriculars. Shivam says that the people who inspire him the most are his parents, that they’ve always modeled hard work and he wishes to emulate that as he propels OLI to the community and possibly further. Shivam also mentioned that another cause he’s passionate about is vegetarianism, explaining that it’s great for the environment as well as being ethical and resource-responsible!

To close our interview, we asked Shivam what his time as an OLI interview taught him. Shivam responded thoughtfully, stating that “I’ve learned a lot of skills about promoting a new organization. We’ve produced a website from the ground up, [that is] pivotal for the organization in increasing outreach. It’s helped me know how to have entrepreneurial skills, and I’m really thankful for this opportunity.” We’re also thankful to have Shivam on this team. Each day he surprises us with his ideas and we’re really proud of all the work he’s put into the group.

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