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Hunger For Knowledge Fundraiser

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During our quarantine, we’ve still managed to hold birthday parties, family reunions, classy dinners, movie nights, and infinitely more, somehow all without leaving the privacy of our own homes. Now, there’s yet another opportunity to revive your quarantine while also supporting efforts against hunger everywhere!

On Friday, July 24th, from 6 PM to 8 PM, the Obama Legacy Initiative is hosting the Hunger for Knowledge event over Zoom! This event serves as both a virtual game night and a fundraiser to support OLI’s future endeavors and goals. We will be hosting three rounds of bingo, but with a fun trivia twist, to educate our community members about different aspects of gardening. Each round is only $10 to enter, with a discounted price for those who wish to participate in all three. We will even award prizes at the end of the night!

With the continuation of quarantine and social distancing, many community members are unable to reach safe, healthy food. We at OLI are hoping to utilize this event in our goal to keep educating the public about sustainable food sources, gardening, and much more while also raising money to help those in need, paving the way for an America free of hunger. The Obama Legacy Initiative is incredibly excited to hold this event and talk to our community about what we have been doing and what we plan to do in the months to come - but the closest event, is, of course, our evening playing bingo!

If you are interested, please sign up at and spread the word! The Obama Legacy Initiative Team would love to have you join us virtually at our Hunger for Knowledge event!

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